Kaycie Keith

Guys, this is crazy. I am seriously just boggled in the brain right now. 

So I’ve had my sweet Korra for a couple months now. She’s about 4 years Old and never talked for Reddington Parrot Breeders
(Hayes). She’s squeaked and made lots of noises and sings a lot, but not one people word the whole time.

In the last 5 minutes, while I’ve sat in the next room over, she suddenly started mumbling whole words. Strings of words, including.


“Good boy.”

Out of NOWHERE, she’s just EXPLODING with words!

I can’t tell what most of the words are, but I can hear people syllables all over the place. She’s back there having a whole conversation with herself!

This is crazy cool!

Thanks Mr Reddington am impressed with your  love  for Birds