Scarlet Macaw for Sale


Name : GINA / MARK

Age     : 5 months

Sex     : Male

Price  : $1000

  • DNA Sexed
  • Hand fed
  • Weaned
  • Hand Raised
  • Tamed
  • Vaccinate


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All About: Scarlet Macaw Parrot

All parrots are not macaws, but all macaws are parrots. As a group, these parrots are special in their looks and appearances. They all are short, hooked noses, easygoing tongues, and catching four-toed feet, which they often use like hands. They are friendly, gregarious, and usually brilliantly colored. Some are as small as sparrows, while the macaws can count up to well over a yard in length.

Scarlet macaw’s lifespan: 

  • 50 years


  • Omnivore
  • Fruits
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Insects and larvae during the breeding season.
  • They also eat clay.

They are very confident and friendly. Likewise, they usually learn tricks and develop a vocabulary of 5 to 10 words but need help to speak a sentence. Scarlet’s extremely loud voice makes them a questionable choice for those living in apartments or condominiums. So in case you are feeling these kinds of noises, you have to think again. The scarlet macaw for sale near me is the best choice.

Colors and Markings:

Scarlet is mainly vivid red with sunny yellow and blue border on its wings. Some birds have a round of green where the yellow completes the blue. The big eye patch is white, and the nose has a horn-colored upper mandible and a black lower mandible. There is no clear way to differentiate males from females; to figure this out, the bird needs to be hereditary or surgical.

Scarlet Macaw Facts:

This scarlet macaw behavior is quite different also; they are one of the 17 species of the macaw family. They like to live in the rainforest. That’s why they are known as scarlet macaw rainforest lovers. They are blessed with wide strong wings and hollow bones that aid flight. Likewise, have swift speeds. They fly 56 kilometers (35 miles) in an hour.

The scarlet macaws size is small, 35 inches long, weighing 2 to 3 pounds but has a strong, curved beak to crack hard nuts and seeds and a tongue that can hold onto the kernel to pull it from the shell. They eat clay from riverbanks, but it is still unknown why. Males and females both look the same. While some learn to speak, most macaws have limited capabilities to mimic. Their friendly nature is very admirable.

Scarlet Macaw for Sale:

  • Name: GINA / MARK
  • Age: 5 months
  • Sex: Male
  • Price: $1000
  • DNA Sexed
  • Hand fed
  • Weaned
  • Hand Raised
  • Tamed
  • Vaccinate


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What you will get

Vet Health Certificate (HC) including other certified paperwork | DNA Sexed certificate | Free Travel Crate+++ | Parrots Food and basic vitamins for 1st 2 weeks | Parrot toys | Hand book/DVD | Certificate of ownership | Ringed / Microchiped or both at your discretion | Ringed / Microchiped or both at your discretion | T-shirt, Phone Casing | Bed Spread | Cup | Sun Glasses