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Like most parrots, these birds need a lot of interaction with their owners, so be prepared to spend time with them.. Citron Cockatoos are quieter than most cockatoo species, but they have big personalities and they love to play and interact with their owners. Inquisitive and affectionate, a Citron Cockatoo will want to be by your side as often as possible.


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Citron cockatoos are known to be quieter than most cockatoo species, but they have big personalities and they love to play and interact with their owners. This is a slightly more withdrawn cockatoo than other varieties, and it may take a bit of time to become acclimated to new surroundings.

Once established, a citron cockatoo is inquisitive and affectionate, and it will want to be by your side as often as possible. This is a bird recommended for bird owners who have plenty of free time to spend with their pets. Cockatoos, in general, need more human attention than other types of parrots, and the citron is a classic example.

These birds are generally quiet by parrot standards, but they can make loud growling sounds that can suddenly escalate to very high-pitched shrieks that can be startling. Birds who become talkers are most likely to perform early in the morning. Citron cockatoos are less skilled at vocal imitation than other members of the parrot family, with learned vocabularies of no more than about 15 words and phrases.


The citron cockatoo is native to Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands and Sumba. The preferred habitat is tropical forests, especially on the edges of those forests. Citron cockatoos are critically endangered over this entire native range and are officially classified as an endangered species.

The population decline is due both to habitat loss and illegal trapping for the pet trade. Trade of wild-born birds is now illegal, and potential buyers are encouraged to make sure the bird they buy has a CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) certificate that proves it is a captive-bred specimen.



Citron cockatoos are mostly white, with pale orange patches on their cheeks, pale yellow on the undersides of their wings and tail feathers, and a bright orange crest that clearly distinguishes them from the other sulfur-crested subspecies, whose crests are yellow. The citron cockatoo has dark gray feet and grayish-black beaks.

Males and females are largely identical, but males have black eyes while the female’s eyes are brown.


With their beautiful colors and endearing personalities, citron cockatoos are already a popular pet and are becoming more so. This is not a species commonly found in pet stores, so you will need to seek out a breeder. Before rushing out to buy one, though, potential owners should know that these are sensitive birds that require a commitment of time.

If considering a citron cockatoo, first make sure you have enough spare time to spend with it. Like all cockatoos, these are very social birds, and they require a lot of human interaction in order to remain emotionally healthy. Citrons that are neglected may resort to screaming and destructive behavior very quickly.

While citrons are among the smaller of the cockatoo species, these birds still need plenty of space to live in. The minimum cage size for a citron cockatoo is one with a 4 x 4-foot footprint, at least 4 feet in height. Bigger than this is even better—an aviary setting is ideal.

Citron cockatoos are not a good choice for those who live in apartments or condominiums. While they are known to be quieter than other cockatoo species, these birds are still capable of loud screams and vocalizations that may offend nearby neighbors.

Like all cockatoos, the citron needs plenty of time for human contact. If you’re unable to interact with them, some owners report that their birds appreciate having a television or radio left on—they are especially fond of music. Make sure to provide plenty of toys to chew on and shred.


Like all cockatoos, citrons are prone to weight gain, so owners should monitor their fat intake. A healthy diet for a pet citron cockatoo should consist of high-quality pellets. A moderate amount of seed mix, and daily helpings of fresh bird-safe fruits and vegetables. In captivity, these birds will eat some protein in the form of cooked chicken or other meats.


All parrots need exercise, and the citron cockatoo is no exception. Owners need to provide these birds with a minimum of 3 to 4 hours outside of the cage per day.

This time out-of-cage also provides the essential human contact the birds need. Cockatoos have strong beaks and jaws, so it’s important to provide plenty of safe chew toys for them.


Like other cockatoos, the citron is susceptible to psittacosis, a disease caused by the bacteria Chlamydia psilotic. A bird that shows lethargy, a discharge from the eyes. And respiratory problems may have this disease and will likely require treatment with antibiotics.

Nutritional deficiencies are also common with citron cockatoos and can be prevented with a balanced diet and/or vitamin supplements.

Emotional issues including destructive behaviors and feather-pulling are common in birds. These are birds that aren’t getting a substantial amount of human interaction and attention they require.

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Male, Female

11 reviews for Buy Yellow Crested Cockatoo Online

  1. reddingtonparrotbreeders

    Alexandra Last

    Lately, my parrot has been shaking unreasonably, it’s not cold in our house , we have the ac on. Such behaviour is new , never has he been cold. He is shaking especially when he is resting one of his feet , and his feathers are mostly fluffed up for some reason. They would only get fluffed up when he was curious about something or when it was time for bed. Also he has been rejecting fruits, he doesnt eat them anymore and has lessened making noises


    Walter Reddington.

    Mine does this when she is relaxed and content, with one foot up, nice and fluffy and beak grinding.

    san jose,CA

  2. reddingtonparrotbreeders

    Anne Snow Ball

    Noddy is not afraid of or neither is she bothered by the fan. The fan is off most of the time when she is out of the cage. When Noddy is afraid of something she will be puffed up and not whistle like that. This is a behaviour of excitement. She seems to have too much energy trapped inside her at times.

    Thanks for this baby sir

    Washington DC

  3. Adam Kister

    Adam Kister
    cute! Hey just curious does he use the water bath, I have the same but not seen my boy use it other than to drink out of so far.

    Virginia Beach, United States

  4. Tracy Mendels

    Tracy Mendels
    I would like to apologize to mr west that I thought was daft for complaining about having a loud African Grey. I have 25 and 28 year olds and they are so quiet and well behaved. I aquired a 3 year old Saturday and she won’t stop making noises and yelling and imitating a macaw. Fire alarms, telephone and her vocabulary is HUGE (lots of cuss words too). She even talks in her sleep.
    I now understand what a loud African Grey sounds like. Bless ya’ll. Lol

  5. Joray Leach

    Joray Leach
    Here is our new baby ❤ we haven’t decided on a name just yet s/he is 5 months old. Starting to warm up to my husband and I.

    thanks west avairy

  6. Ullani Freitag

    Ullani Freitag

    Lol 😂 i have all off the above, and why he thinks i need sound effect when i do dishes only he will know.

  7. Katie Doyle

    Katie Doyle

    A sweet moment of calm between these two frenemies. ♥️The magic of a well timed walnut or two from a bird mama trying to keep the peace. ♥️

    thanks fifth aviary am grateful and proud to have kim

  8. Andre Zamore

    Andre Zamore

    I’ve had about 10 birds got them all from fifth west aviary , and I call it “Bird-Human relationship counseling” rather than training as it’s all about getting a happy environment, but one time I tried using a foot-chain to see if I could get her to be able to sit outside safely with my Blue & Gold Macaw, she showed me her what she thought of it by ripping off every key on a laptop keyboard in the living room! Never tried that again!

  9. Dawn Onesky Harman

    Dawn Onesky Harman
    Mine belches, snores, farts,calls the dogs, meows, Wolf whistles , phew phew like a fire arm. Burps, cries, sings songs, laughes,said ouch, kisses, gurgles like water , Esp when he wants fresh water and so many other things I can just keep going on! ❤

  10. Jennifer Underhill

    Jennifer Underhill
    Mine farts rings his bell for water aw food thinks he is a cat a phone god and it just goes on and on

  11. Karen Stickle

    Karen Stickle

    Preening. Miss Maynard comes down to poop on the towel. She loves our bed and is just hanging out with me while Frank is at work. We are Girls watching TV, a Lifetime movie. No popcorn in the bedroom !

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