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The double yellow-headed Amazon has been kept as pets for centuries and is highly regarded as a companion bird. Our babies are a very intelligent and imaginative bird. They long for the company of their owners and sometimes tend to become aggressive if it is left alone for extended periods. Also, an unattended bird has a tendency to chew on the household furniture.


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To Begin, When it reaches maturity, the Double Yellow-Headed Amazon. Usually measures between 15 and 17 inches from its beak to the tip of its tail.  Making it one of the larger parrot varieties. Talkative and charming, the Double Yellow Naped Amazon. For Sale parrot is a popular option for those seeking a pet bird.

As its name suggests, it has a yellow head, and the rest of its body is the familiar parrot green. Double Yellow Naped Amazon For Sale can live to be more than 60 years old, which makes them good longtime companions. But before you buy one of these birds, get to know a little about them to ensure they’re the right pet for you. Double yellow-headed Amazon parrots have headstrong, lively personalities and can be quite gregarious with both people and birds.

Flashy, intelligent and full of the joys of life, these parrots happily thrive in a family with an active lifestyle. They easily learn tricks and various commands and respond willingly for praise or a treat. Comical and bold, Double yellow-headed Amazon parrots are rarely shy. They can be willful, however, and need an owner capable of accepting their strong personality.

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14 reviews for Buy Double Yellow Headed Amazon Online

  1. Sigrid Roman

    Sigrid Roman
    Hi everyone! I got this beauty few months ago she is 26 from fifth west avairy. She is super scared of everything. If anyone has anything tips to help me out I will appreciate it.

    New Jersey, United States

  2. reddingtonparrotbreeders

    Ashleigh Williams

    Hi Walter, I was wondering if any of you can offer advice? Myself and my partner are new owners of an african grey, shes two years old. Neither of us have ever owned an african grey. My partner has had birds before so has some knowledge on them but not african greys specifically. So any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance ☺️

    Howell, United States

  3. Michelle Morrison King

    Michelle Morrison King
    Our amazon and eclectus didn’t have them but we had vet remove our GCC. Removed it and trimmed her nails right after.
    I had my face right near hers talking to her calmly saying it was okay.
    She did fine. Only took a couple seconds for the band

    thanks west avairy

    Huddersfield, United Kingdom

  4. Holli Eichelberger

    Holli Eichelberger

    Hi Redd West
    Sorry for the comment post. Hopefully it will serve two purposes. First and foremost, I hope to warn other parrot parents about this danger. Please see the photo of the millet holder. I had this hanging inside Oliver’s cage for a few hours and planned to take it out later. He didn’t pay much attention to it, but later was climbing around on the outside of his cage and somehow hooked this thing on his band. It was terrifying to both of us, but luckily I was right there. However, it was difficult to get unhooked. He was outside his cage panicking and I couldn’t hold him and reach inside the cage to grab the holder. My husband ran in from the other room and was able to get it off. I immediately checked his cage for any other open hooks and thought to warn others with banded birds

  5. Lee Simpson

    Lee Simpson
    Hi Redd
    Just looking for advise my grey is a lovely easy going parrot talks and sits on your hand but last 3days he’s been very off don’t want to be picked up starts screaming if try to I was thinking is this hormonal behaviour as never done it before he’s just turned 4

    The Bronx, United States

  6. Linda Danley Hyer

    Linda Danley Hyer

    Yeah, I’d watch him for a bit, but if no change I head to the Vet, better safe then sorry
    Atlanta, United States

  7. Lauri Parman Ortega

    Lauri Parman Ortega

    John wore herself out preening. Nice shot of her uropygial gland in the video. These birds amaze me.


    New York, United States

  8. Vero Blane

    Vero Blane
    Hi West Avairy
    Sorry, I am absolutely terrible with understanding big blocks of important writing. I have an excess pay of $35. An appointment with the exotics is $65. Does this insurance cover the appointment cost or just treatment? (Do I pay $35 or $100?)
    Queens, United States

  9. Matt Sielewicz

    Matt Sielewicz
    I do and whenever I have a question, I ring and ask. I have always found them to be patient and helpful.

  10. Deb Tucker

    Deb Tucker

    Worth checking first , mine ( different company) don’t cover routine visits , standard vaccinations and tests etc . Better to know upfront

    thanks west

  11. Karen Stickle

    Karen Stickle

    Oh, yes . Same here. Our girl loves her corner. I give her a box, paper bags , popsicle sticks and gerbil wood sticks to play with. Keeps your woodwork intact. Best of luck. They are beavers.😂❤️

    thanks west avairy for making my dreams come true

  12. Ryan McCarthy

    Ryan McCarthy

    Doesn’t go in for a wash until its the perfect temperature.. Tests it by having a drink. Have a 2 year old son with less attitude.
    thanks west

    Milwaukee, United States

  13. Nancy Brendle

    Nancy Brendle
    My niece is our designated guardian for our parrots, our CAG responds to her much like he responds to me. I don’t know if he knows or if she sounds like me but she is the only other person other than me that he responds too
    Brentwood, United States

    Cathy Vade Boncoeur Zalac

  14. Cathy Vade Boncoeur Zalac

    Cathy Vade Boncoeur Zalac

    I was just told that this is one of the most beautiful Grey they have ever seen in here. I guess it’s all the hard work, feeding him an excellent healthy diet pays off. Yes, every Grey is beautiful 💕💞

    Tallahassee, United States

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