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Also known as a Blue and Yellow Macaw are intelligent and sociable birds.  Blue and gold macaws are native to South and Central America, where they inhabit forests and woodlands.

These Macaws have a bold blue body and dark lemon-yellow, not their chests, a green strip of feathers just above its black beak, and black feathers just below its beak.

Their range includes Venezuela south to Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay, as well as parts of Panama.

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Like all macaws, they have the potential to become extremely. cuddly and gentle companions with the whole family. This requires a firm but gentle manner, with a decisive limit setting.Blue Gold Macaw For Sale.

It is essential to have a physical setting,  that allows this athletic bird the freedom to move and play. Appropriate cages and play gyms, properly placed. can provide endless hours of entertainment and joy for owner and companion bird alike.

Also, Blue Gold Macaw For Sale come from Central and South America, ranging from Panama to northwestern Paraguay. Often characterized as very outgoing and interactive in temperament.  some refer to them as the “clowns” of the large macaw family.

Hence, Some Blue and Golds become excellent talkers. some love to “play games” with their owners, like versions of peek-a-boo. Brilliantly colored, they can reach up to 34″ in length (including tail) and live up to 50 years of age or more.

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18 reviews for Buy Blue And Gold Macaw Babies Online

  1. Julie Price

    Julie Price
    1 hr ·

    Oh dear, Bertie Girl just flew hard into my Bi-fold Doors 😢😢😢
    She’s showing off her bump & wants some loving 💕
    thanks so much reddington .

    Germantown, United States

  2. Emily Ann

    Emily Ann

    I got my 20 year old in December, was told he only likes men, he hates my boyfriend and loves me! Just might take longer to bond at the start
    thanks reddinton for the amazing job you do at your farm

    Fairburn, United States

  3. Lauren Eileen

    Lauren Eileen

    We got Grace when she was 10 for reddington breeder when she was talking already. So my dad got her. She to this day only likes guys. She lets my mom and I feed her but will bite us if given the opportunity. We use a towel to hold her and it works for us! We’ve had her for 17 years now and she will still try and sucker punch bite us if given the chance. But ya know it’s just how she is at this point. She’s happy and whistles and talks. Not all parrots are lovey dovey to multiple people.

    Minneapolis, United States

  4. Tina Marie Moore

    Tina Marie Moore 4

    3 hrs ago ·

    We have had this 25 year old greenwing macaw home with us tomorrow. We were told that he only likes men so how would I be able to get him to love me ?
    Any suggestions ???

    Van Nuys, United States

    Re: spend more time with him

  5. Cynthia Brindley Rodriguez

    Cynthia Brindley Rodriguez

    June 26 at 6:18 PM

    Buying that hasn’t been out of his cage in over 10 year’s. I picked him up today. The guy who gave him to me had to pick him up with a towel and told me he hadn’t been handled in over 10 year’s and to be careful. I sat and talked to him for about an hour and gave him treats and amazingly he did step up for me. I was so nervous getting him wondering if I would be able to work with him. I’m not nervous anymore!! Meet Buddy. He’s 15 year’s old.
    but thats ahmed we got home safely

    Salt Lake City, United States

  6. Kylie Gomez-Flaherty

    Kylie Gomez-Flaherty

    9 hrs ago ·

    Hey ya’ll, around February I talked about Zoey. I bought her from my reddingtom breeders and was unable to keep her given that we live in an apartment that does not allow any animals. ( We gave it the best we could but given her parrot nature) Who gives her good care but not attention, it was so sad but we gave her back in a larger cage with fun toys, and trimmed nails… Now, we are in the middle of purchasing our first home where we can get Zoey back and give her toooo much attention and love. Hopes and prayers please. I am over the moon excited.

    Sunbury, United States

    please get her back from your mother

  7. Alexandra Last


    Alexandra Last
    I feed Harrison’s High Potency Course. I feed about 30% pellet and the rest fresh stuff.
    thanks for the advise reddington
    because my parrot is all grown now

  8. Jo Symcock

    Jo Symcock

    5 hrs ago·

    What pellets does everyone use in the UK please. Currently on seed and fruit diet but wanted to try a small bag of pellets too

    Miami, United States

  9. Pauline Bronte Jones

    Pauline Bronte Jones

    my mum lost her macaw to this years ago.
    We learnt it can be in any shelled nut. also in bad pomegranate too! it’s the black mould. so even damp houses can have it. You need to he so so careful. I’m so sorry you are going through this. xxxxxx. It is heartbreaking. xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Eureka Springs, United States

  10. Carla Wilson

    Carla Wilson

    5:46 AM ago ·

    This is Rooney… or Rooroo as shes known to our family. I will keep posting this until I stop seeing bird eating peanuts. THIS is what you risk!! We nearly lost this beautiful girl. For 3 days until she was over the worst (Vet said she wont make the next 48 hours) I was with her 24/7… feeding, nebulising, medicating… getting fluids into her. Her weight plummeted… she was weak and could barely stand. She needs nebulising for life, especially in winter when central heating is on. She is succeptable to asper for life… any mould spore in the air can trigger another episode. This is what peanuts can do to your bird!!! Stop putting people down with pathetic insults like ‘food police’ blah blah. This is real!!! Why chance it when every other nut in the world is safe. Why keep giving them when someone clearly shows you what they can do to your bird? Would you give your child something that could kill them??

    Selden, United States

  11. Don Bokmiller

    Don Bokmiller

    1 hr ago·

    Regginton in addition, For those new to owning a Greenwing Macaw
    Regarding bandages we humans wear, it doesn’t matter if they’re clear or skin tone colored your bird will notice it and most likely not like it one bit.

    San Angelo, United States

  12. Darren Kerr

    Darren Kerr

    10years after i bought you from Reddington Breeders is great actually. Already at maturity status and ready to pick either his mate or a new family. You will be great with him

    Larose, United States

  13. Nikki Cartwright

    Nikki Cartwright
    2hrs ago·

    Introducing Nemo . Nemo is a 10 years old. He is being safe housed with me for a rescue. i bought him from Reddington breeders due to aggression and couldn’t be handled.
    He arrived last night and spent the night in his travel cage because he was too scared to come out.
    Today we are making progress 😍
    thanks reddington thanks for giving me another chance to bring him up

    Glendale, United States

  14. Jess Wolffe

    Jess Wolffe

    1hr ago ·
    Does anyone’s bird eat this food? I tried it out and my little girl won’t touch it lol. I don’t want it to go to waste, it’s a big bag. I’m happy to ship it to anyone for free if you don’t mind covering shipping. Let me know!

    Auburn, United States

    get him the the same sample i sent you.

  15. Carol Sclafani Burnett

    Carol Sclafani Burnett
    July 9 at 11:39 AM ·

    How do I trim a blue and gold’s nails….She is not friendly. Due to the virus the vets are not seeing the birds. I have never done it before and have no idea how to do it.


  16. reddingtonparrotbreeders

    Marla Smith Burns

    walter R…i need some advice. My african grey, jasmine, has a problem with her feathers….they always look shredded but i dont see her over preening herself….can you recommend any treatment or supplement to help with this?

    Silver Spring,MD

  17. reddingtonparrotbreeders

    Nadine Prout
    Mr. Walter Reddington
    Brilliant reaction from a 40 year old Grey who has never experienced Christmas 🎄 Coco has a new friend😄😄😄

    Miami, United States

  18. reddingtonparrotbreeders

    Paula Kessel

    Mike and Dragon are a lot alike. Dragon came to me from Walter Reddington at 22 years old, one previous owner. He had not much to say until he came to me. He’s now very chatty and his attitude and anger has subsided. He’s learning words and phrases of his own choosing. I tried to teach him sweetie pie and cutie pie but he prefers “birdy pie.”

    Bayville, United States

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