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  • Body length: 13 inches (33 cm)
  • Body weight
  • Congo: 300-550 grams
  • Timneh: 275-375 grams
  • Age of sexual maturity:
  • 3-6 years
  • Maximum life span: 50 years


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African Grey Parrot For Sale is a good choice if you like a very inquisitive and intelligent animal. They have a lot of energy and curiosity and are perhaps the smartest species of bird that lives and so will take up a lot of your attention and energy. Because of this, you will need to spend a lot of time with them each day and so they’re not a pet that can be easily left on their own. They are typically around 25 to 35 centimetres and so are larger than the standard pet parrot.

What factors affect the price of an African Grey?

How beautiful an African Grey looks will affect the price of the bird significantly. African Greys that look healthy and do not have any blemishes or strange marks and features will be more desirable. However, unusual but pleasant-looking attributes such as a unique pink or reddish African Grey colour are very rare and will dramatically increase the price of your pet bird.

The quality of an African Grey’s genetics will affect its price. You can do DNA testing if you are concerned about the genetic lineage of your bird and this might be a concern if you are considering pet bird breeding yourselves. Additionally, you can perform testing to check for diseases in the bird as well. Both of these will cost additional fees. You may also want to do genetic testing to ensure the African Grey is not a crossbreed between a Timneh and a Congo. To see an African Grey in action, check out the video below:


Additional information


Male, Female

20 reviews for Buy African Grey Parrot Online

  1. Tracey & Ben

    Tracey & Ben – March 14, 2020

    We are now the proud owners of a male African grey baby we call “Archer” It took one week for our new little family member to accept us and feel at home, Georgina was right there with us every step of the way offering help, support & advice to make Archer’s transaction.


  2. Perear Mark

    Perear Mark – March 14, 2017

    I have been happy with the African baby boy I adopted from reddington Farm back in 2017. I am pleased to tell you that he is still with me and doing fairly well as a senior. I don’t know how many parents send you their feedback but I just wanted you to know how special the African grey has been to me and my family for the past.

    Thanks reddington Farm


  3. Maclins

    Maclins – June 14, 2015

    Warm greetings from the . We have named our cockatoo Dickens after the writer Charles Dickens. He was so worth the wait! The kids are planning on making him their 4th project this summer. We are using all the tips you gave us and he is doing great. Thank you for going the extra mile with us and taking so much time to make sure we were prepared to be good owners.

    The Maclin’s Family.

    San Diego, California

  4. Debra Price Echols

    Debra Price Echols – April 19, 2020

    This is Misty, she is 27yrs old. We brought her after her reddington parrots when the started breeding . Feathers coming in a little more everyday.
    However this behavior is completely new…she sounds like a fussing dog. Any ideas?

    Mr.reddington please can you help.

    reddington parrots

  5. Adel Jansen

    Adel Jansen – April 19, 2020

    Hi reddington parrots,

    So Ozzy here, makes this weird sound when breathing, especially in the evening when he is calm and sleepy. The video doesn’t show how bad it can get…I will try and get it on another video and post ASAP.

    It is almost like he struggles to breathe, then he “coughs” to make it better, then it starts again


  6. Virginia Andrews

    Virginia Andrews – April 19, 2009

    Hey everyone, just wondering what we can try to stop our Grey ‘meowing’. She is 2 and only started this week. She is very lucky to have a fabulous area of her own in our living room, stimulation, a view to envy and lots of rainbow lorikeets who visit every morning – no cats anywhere near us. We have no idea where it’s come from! When she meows, we pick her up and put her into her cage for 5 mins ‘time out

    thanks fifthwest aviary

  7. Fatima Zohra Farooqi

    Fatima Zohra Farooqi – April 29, 1998

    first time handling a baby gray.. ive had budgies and cockatiels before this.
    Any kind of care tips would be extremely appreciated..
    And also how old do you think this one is? Im told it is 43 days old..
    Im feeding him 3 times a day..
    He is very cuddly with me, is that okay? Or is it better to keep him in his box at all times?


  8. Sallianne Wright

    Sallianne Wright – April 19, 2020

    I’m trying to  introduce new foods to polly as all she had before was seeds, but finding it so hard pellets she just Point blank refuses, as you can see from pics she will eat food that she sees me eating so please could you post in comments your best parrot bread recipes so I can try and get extra vegetables and pellets into her that’s way while trying to swap over diet thank you so much fifthwest aviary

    From Wisconsin

  9. Nissan Carlman

    Nissan Carlman – May 4, 2020

    Reddington parrots is incredible i first i taught this was a scam. then i did my research for a week. i had found some nothing on them. Then i decided to take the risk and it finally paid up.
    i order my parrot and 2 eggs and i got delivered this morning . am so happy right now.

    Thanks fifthwest aviary

    Thanks Mr. Reddington

  10. Sandra Asana

    Sandra Asana

    I bought my parrot and pay for her using Cashapp FOR $1000. Seems honest on the phone and got real when i got my parrot delivered to me. thats the next day in the morning.

    From Wyoming

  11. LaSandra Middleton

    LaSandra Middleton

    I remember calling the reddington breeders farm two to three times a week asking is it time to bring you home. For weeks he said no come feed her and that’s what I did. Then the day came I brought you home.. I miss you so much. I am sorry I failed you as a mom. I promise I will do better if you come home. Please give me another chance.

    Dallas, United States

  12. Florence Elby Danly

    Florence Elby Danly

    June 23 at 12:35 PM ·

    thanks reddington for my new baby.
    He is Obsessed with mash potatoes ( no salt no milk but I keep the water ) and put butter not too much

    Brooksville, United States

  13. Berkeley, United States

    Hayley Conway

    Does this look like egg-laying behavior? My bird was like this for a few minutes. Finally a bunch of liquid came out and now my bird is playing like normal. So I’m not sure if it’s constipation or getting ready for an egg…

    fifthwest aviary was she pregnant when i bought her because she was 5 years old and my male is 20 years old.
    how will i know if she is pregnant.

    Berkeley, United States

  14. ‎Simi Sarath

    ‎Simi Sarath

    Today Makes me Happy .
    My little one is CAG .. he was bred very responsibly by a ethical breeder. Came with rich diet habits . Was brought at 4 months old by Mr. red of

    New Castle, United States

    fifthwest aviary.

  15. ‎Gaynor Monaghan

    ‎Gaynor Monaghan

    This is my Sammy I’m just wondering if anyone else has a problem when they put a new toy in his cage he seems very scared of it I have it hung on the outside of the cage at present see if he gets used to it any advice would be appreciated 😊

    South Carolina

    Mr. Watt with fifthwest aviary God bless you

  16. Rebecca Raaf

    Rebecca Raaf

    Does anyone take their parrot outside? I have a travel cage that he could sit in with me out there! Just not sure if that is frowned upon or not? He loves looking out the window, thinking he might like some sunlight and fresh air.

    Atlanta, United States

    Thank you Mr. watt for taming my parrot well.

  17. Scarlett Saunders Gonzalez

    Scarlett Saunders Gonzalez

    I have two questions looking for feedback.
    At what age is an African Grey considered full grown? My buddy Ozzy turned a year in July and he seems much smaller than others I’ve seen. He is a DNA confirmed male.
    Also I know it is normal for them to be clumsy baby birds but he’s still pretty clumsy is that ok?
    fifthwest aviary please clarify my doubts you should have his records.

    Hawaii, United States

  18. Ramiro Mito Galvan

    Ramiro Mito Galvan
    I’m a new dad i just got my African parrot last Thursday from fifth west avairy. He’s name is Jack & as of now he hates me haha 😄 I have so many scratches & bloody hands lol but in the other had he loves loves my wife ❤ so thats a good thing .. he is 10 years old or at least that what they told me .. we already scheduled a visit to the avian vet to see what he need or what do I need to make him feel more comfortable & at home .

    Louisiana, United States

  19. reddingtonparrotbreeders

    Monteze Curry

    Love it. My grey used to have a singing reindeer and, depending on her mood, she would either kiss it or beat it up. She finally destroyed it.
    thanks walter

    Las Vegas, United States

  20. reddingtonparrotbreeders

    Debbie Kiger
    I’ve just recently changed over my two 21 year greys diet from pellets to more of a diverse diet they would see in the wild. Both a wet chop and dry mix everyday. Yes still some pellets mixed in there but mostly uncooked, unprocessed, human grade food:

    mr reddington thank you for your recommendation

    Leesburg, United States

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