African Grey Parrot For Sale

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Name:  Path /  Angel / Celes

Age: 5 months old

Sex: Female

Price: 700$

  • DNA Sexed
  • Hand fed
  • Weaned
  • Hand Raised
  • Tamed
  • Vaccinated


African Grey Parrot For Sale

The African Grey Parrot may be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a companion bird. These intelligent birds can be very social and love to be around humans. They’re also quite playful, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get your groove on. Plus, they make great pets for those with a green thumb or just looking for a friendly companion. If you’re interested in African Grey Parrot For Sale, visit Fifth West Aviary. We’ve got a wide variety of these parrots available, so you’re sure to find one perfect.

What is an African Grey Parrot?

African Greys are one of the most common parrot species in the world. They are intelligent birds and can easily be trained to speak. African Greys come in a variety of colors, including blue, green, yellow, and red. Some people believe the African Grey is one of the world’s smartest birds. African Greys are social animals and enjoy companionship. They make good pets if you have the time to train them and provide them with plenty of attention.
If you’re interested in African Grey Male Parrot For Sale, be sure to do your research first. Some reputable bird dealers will be happy to help you find the perfect bird for your home.

How much do African grey parrots cost?

The African Grey Parrot is a popular pet bird. They can cost anywhere from $700 to $850 or more.

Breeding African Grey Parrots: Is It Worth It?

African Grey Parrots are one of the most intelligent birds on the planet. They can learn more words than any other bird and can even be trained to do tricks. However, breeding African Greys is not always easy, and it may not be worth the effort.
First of all, African Grey are very social animals and need a lot of interaction with their human companions. If you’re not able or willing to provide that kind of attention, then owning an African Grey may not be the right choice for you.
Secondly, African Greys are very high-maintenance pets. They require a lot of food and water, as well as plenty of toys and exercise. If you don’t have the time or resources to provide these things, owning an African Grey may not be the right choice.

How to take care of African Grey Parrots in the home

If you’re considering adding an African Grey Parrots for sale near me, here are a few tips on how to take care of them properly. African Greys are social animals that enjoy spending time with their family and friends. They require a lot of attention and stimulation, so it’s important to make sure you have the time and resources to provide both. The following are some tips on how to take care of an African Grey:

  • Provide a spacious home with plenty of toys and perches for the bird to explore.
  • Give your bird lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as grains and seeds.
  • Ensure their cages are large enough to move around and provide plenty of toys and perches.
  • Keep the bird’s environment clean; change their water and food often, and remove any droppings immediately.

pros and Cons of African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrots are consider one of the best parrots for people who love to talk. They have a very large vocabulary and can learn new words quickly. African Greys are also social birds, so they would make an excellent companion for someone who enjoys spending time with others. However, Grey African Parrot for sale are not the best bird for people who want a bird that is quiet and obedient. They can be quite loud and demanding and may not get along with other pets in your home.

The Temperament of African Grey Parrot

African grey parrots are well known for their intelligence and ability to talk. They make great Pets but can also be aggressive with other birds unless properly socialized from a young age. African greys are typically not very vocal, but they do have a range of vocalizations, including “coos,” “caws,” “raps,” “whines,” and “songs.” These birds are generally calm and content when confined to a home but can become agitated if they feel threatened or bored.

African greys are not consider craft birds, so they don’t require a lot of exercise. However, they do enjoy playtime and will fly around excitedly if given the opportunity. Should not keep these birds in small rooms as they can get quite destructive. Overall, African greys make great pets but require care and attention to maintain their temperaments.

15 reviews for African Grey Parrot For Sale

  1. Esinam Attipoe

    Esinam Attipoe
    One of these dummy eggs is not like the others. Skye has been a busy lady lately. 😩🥚
    Anyone elses parrots leaving surprises?

  2. Jeanette Davida Weinberg

    Jeanette Davida Weinberg

    I saw a lot of comments in a different post about people who have their CAGs microchipped, I’ve never even heard of this!
    Can someone tell me more, I have a 27 year old male who is never unsupervised outdoors, but in the event of an emergency I love the idea of a microchip. Where do they implant it? And is it similar to a microchip in a dog?
    Thank you!! Picture of the boy for tax🥰😁

  3. Jackie Tucker

    Jackie Tucker

    I got my cag microchipped about 2 years ago from WEST AVAIRY (she’s 15) she was hanging out with my hubby in the “man cave”, something spooked her and she flew down the street!!!! One of the most terrifying days of my life! Our vet sedated her a bit then gave her like a big shot with the microchip in it on her chest. She didn’t really seem to mind, but she was high as a kite 😂

  4. Cheryl Ann Cousins

    Cheryl Ann Cousins
    Your bird is lovely! Yes…they can have such attitudes 😂 My Grey named me, “get to work”. He will ask me, “who are you?” When I say, “Cheryl”, he will laugh, say, “Who??? Get to work”. The other day, he was being sassy and I said I was going to give him to the crows outside the window, that he was listening to. He turned around on his perch and said, “I don’t care!” Captain has been in my life for 5 months. He is Adopted, about 30 years old and SO STINKIN SMART!! He keeps me on my toes.

  5. Susan B Loebl

    Susan B Loebl
    It is sooo much fun to have these little conversations with them when you are lucky enough to have an intelligent talking parrot. Rhett likes to go to bed. He used to say in my voice, “It’s time for Mommy put Rhett nite-nite.” That’s how we knew when to put him to bed. He shortened it to, “time go nite-nite.” Another 6-8 months later it became, “It’s time.” We call this Rhett Speak because no one knows what he’s talking about if they hear this!

  6. Audri Yvette Donnelly

    Audri Yvette Donnelly

    My only advice is to keep the eggs she has already laid in there, they have a set number of eggs they will lay so if you get rid of them she will just replace them. You already said u removed nesting boxes and added more calcium so she should be okay!

  7. Leigh-Anne Cullen

    Leigh-Anne Cullen

    I have had my adopted Madam 5 months and all is well feathers grown back and she is happy and healthy. She laid her first egg on Saturday and has just now laid another one. I am worried that this is a bad things. I have already increased her calcium after the first egg and removed all box’s etc as suggested by the sanctuary I adopted her from. Any advice welcome.

  8. Sarah Hensby

    Sarah Hensby
    I had to move my ag into a massive aviary outside because she would fly at full speed into every single room and destroy absolutely anything she could access 🤣 her favourite thing was to go through the bin in the kitchen…I then proceeded to hang a curtain so she couldn’t get into the kitchen… but oh yes that didn’t work, she figured out how to get past that 🤣 too smart these bloody birds (she’s in a giant aviary with about 20 other birds she’s friends with)

  9. Scott Silverman

    Scott Silverman

    I want to thank WEST AVAIRY with regards to the response of my post.Thank you for all your kind comments and reactions (Care, Sad and Likes) . We all know what great joy our African Grey brings us and your words have been very helpful in getting through this terrible time. Seeing all your happy times with your African Grey now displayed when

  10. Tulay Tulluce

    Tulay Tulluce

    If your parrot is lost and is found by a stranger, chances are they are also going to be unaware of microchipped birds . Hundreds of microchipped birds go missing every year. But to answer your question, it is supposed to be safe although some birds have been known to mutilate the area that’s been implanted. IMO your best bet is to harness your bird

  11. Brian Briscoe

    Brian Briscoe

    So after having our girl shera for 7mths (10yrs old) she now will climb and fly across the house to get my hair….I can now pet her and hold her…. She still bites but not as bad as when we 1st got her…. I’m pretty sure she likes me now… she supposed to be my wife’s lol…but I think she picks me…lol…I’m definitely in love with her.


  12. Donna Greig

    Donna Greig

    She’s finally got the hang of her paper toy oh lord now she’s figured out how to pull the paper out herself it’s gonna be empty in no time 🤣🤣

  13. Brandon Eggeson

    Brandon Eggeson
    Some times I come home and my wife’s cooking. When I look in the pan it’s fresh vegetables like squash n cucumber or colliflower. I’m always like dang that smells sooo good. N I sneak a bite to taste. Then she tells me stop eating the birds food. I’m like f you it’s good I’m eating some too.. lol

  14. Sharon Lea

    Sharon Lea
    My girl still hasn’t figured hers out or she’s just that spoiled and lazy and knows her servant will pull it out for her to shred! 😂🤣😂

  15. Shirley Gail Mcclellan

    Shirley Gail Mcclellan
    You just made me cry..I’m so sorry for your loss. I would never get over losing mine.. heart hurts for you guys…I will pray for you.

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