Cockatoo Babies

Umbrella Cockatoo for Sale:

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All about: Cockatoos

Cockatoos are a playful type of parrots. Also, they are affectionate birds that evolve into an owner’s best friends. They’re actually qualified of mimicking your words if you’re around them long enough. There are 21 species of cockatoos in the world, with the most familiar species in confinement including the

  • Moluccan
  • Goffin’s
  • Umbrell
  • Sulfur-crested
  • Bare-eyed

All cockatoos are identified by a spine that can be lifted and lowered. The family is mainly divided into two types:


  • White
  • Dark

There are a few outlying species that do not fit into either class, like cockatiels, which are the smallest component of the family. We are offering Pink breasted cockatoo for sale.

Umbrella Cockatoo for Sale:

The umbrella cockatoo is also called the white or the great white-crested cockatoo. it is well-known in bird hoops as being one of the most loving and friendly companion birds widely known on the demand today.


An Indonesian native, the umbrella is just smaller than the Moluccan but is not shorter in personality or charm. This outgoin bird is notorious for its wild antics and for being clingy with its owners.


The umbrella can be determined from other white cockatoos by its completely white crest that grows like an umbrella when the bird is excited, nervous, or willing to play. Both the beak and legs are dark gray, and the feathers on the underpants of the wings and tail are pale yellow.

Goffin Cockatoo for Sale:

Goffin’s is a little naughty and a quick learner. You will be surprised to find that your Goffin’s quickly learns to open the cage after seeing you unlatch the lock. They are not bashful birds. Like a routine cockatoo, most relish being held and petted. They are sociable and friendly. Goffin is mischievous and is a quick learner.

Rose-breasted Cockatoo for Sale:

The rose-breasted is best known by its born aboriginal Australian name “galah. It is the ideal parrot species for a pet proprietor who wants to interact often with a pet bird. Hey are incredibly intelligent and very fond of humans. This pretty pink bird can readily learn to say many words and do difficult tricks with regular training. This husky bird can live in some of the more extreme regions of Australia.

Diet and Nutrition:

It is a cockatoo’s diet that consists mostly of nuts and seeds. In confinement, it needs a mixture of fresh foods along with a good quality avian pellet-based diet. Slugs can make up 80 percent of the menu, while fresh vegetables, fruits, and seeds make up the rest (25%). Seeds and seed mixtures are used as a little treat item since they are high in fat. Nuts are another beneficial special treat on experience.


Birds of various species and additional sizes have variable food needs. The best way to estimate how much you provide your bird is to observe how much it is eating and pitching. They tend to like to play with and throw their food and nibble on everything.


If the bird is keeping a good weight for its size then it is in good general health, then you know you are on the right way. During the duration of feeding times, in the wild, most birds feed for food in the morning and right before sunset. This feeding plan works for most pet birds.

Cockatoo Babies

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Vet Health Certificate (HC) including other certified paperwork | DNA Sexed certificate | Free Travel Crate+++ | Parrots Food and basic vitamins for 1st 2 weeks | Parrot toys | Hand book/DVD | Certificate of ownership | Ringed / Microchiped or both at your discretion | Ringed / Microchiped or both at your discretion | T-shirt, Phone Casing | Bed Spread | Cup | Sun Glasses